Ova-achievers are proud to offer just one service – Bovine embryo transfer. By concentrating on just one species we are able to offer the kind of specialised service that elite breeders require.

Ova-achievers prefers come to your farm. We regularly travel to farms throughout the North and South Islands. Our mobile labs are equipped with microscopes and other technical equipment that we require, you just need to provide secure and covered yard facilities for your donors and recipients and a person to assist. Sometimes we fly to the South Island and require a clean area with a table for embryology work.

On-farm ET work has the following advantages

  1. Reduced risk of disease exposure – particularly M. Bovis.
  2. Reduced stress on donor cows – they stay in a familiar environment.
  3. Lower cost – Travel costs are capped at $300.
  4. Better results – you can implant embryos fresh rather than frozen.

However, if you prefer, you can also send your donors to us. Talk to us if this is an option.

We can use your recipients on your farm. Alternatively recipients can be supplied by arrangement.

MOET is our main service but we also offer TVR / IVP for donors that suit this procedure and farmers who prefer it. In association with ETS Ltd we can collect and process oocytes and also transfer the embryos either on your farm or into our recipients.