Embryo transfer certificates

The advent of DNA testing means that there is no longer any signature required by Ova-Achievers on ET certificates.

Dairy clients can now generate their own ET certificates for MINDA and CRV data entry.

Beef clients generally no longer require any certificates as calves are registered after DNA testing.

Please use the form below to record your implants – it just takes three simple steps

  1. Either download the form or fill it out online following the link below
  2. Save (or print) each page as a PDF
  3. Email to MINDA@lic.co.nz or myherd@crv4all.co.nz

If you have implanted frozen embryos, you may need to decode the recovery date from the straw label. The international code for labeling straws uses the date convention yy-mm-dd. So 21MY15 means that the recovery date was 15 May 2021. AI date is always 7 days earlier – 8 May 2021.

Month codes are JA, FE, MR, AP, MY, JN, JY, AU, SE, OC, NO, DE