Ova-Achievers Ltd – Bovine Embryo Transfer Specialists

Ova-Achievers provides embryo transfer services to farmers throughout New Zealand.

These include

  • Embryo collection using MOET
  • Embryo production using TVR / IVP
  • Embryo freezing and storage
  • Implantation of fresh and frozen embryos

We also offer semen collection and freezing through http://viabull.co.nz

Why use embryo transfer (ET)?

While a normal cow can have around one calf per year, ET can help her generate many calves in a year. We achieve this by removing eggs from the donor cow and implanting them into recipient cows. This means that the donor doesn’t have to spend time growing a single pregnancy – she “contracts” the pregnancy part of reproduction to another cow.

Your best cows and heifers can be replicated very quickly, improving the genetics of your herd dramatically.

If you would like to discuss how ET can improve your herd, and which techniques are most suitable, please contact us.

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Why E.T.

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