We have several pricing options for both on-farm and on-centre services. In general, given average results (fresh embryos), the process will cost approximately $400 per pregnancy. However, there are many factors which influence this. Freezing and thawing embryos will increase the average cost by approximately $150 per pregnancy.

Ova-achievers endeavours to keep prices affordable. To do this

  • We do not charge a donor flush fee if no viable embryos (2 donor minimum).
  • We cap mileage fees at $300 anywhere in the New Zealand as long as you fit into a regular trip.

Recipient provision: We supply either beef or high BW friesian and crossbred recipient cows at competitive prices. These prices do change depending on various market conditions so please ask if you are interested in using this option.

Performance fees: While most of our work is charged according the work performed, we can also charge on performance achieved. The rate for this does vary according to donor type etc however, for jerseys, dairy crossbred and beef donors a typical charge is $400 per donor flushed plus $300 per scanned pregnancy (60 days).

Weaner calf contracts: You can send donors to us and we will do all of the work including programming donors, providing recipients, calving them and rearing the calves. The current price for this service is $1900 per weaned calf. This includes donor programming and flushing, embryo implanting, recipient grazing and calf rearing costs.

Winter milking option: We can take your best empty lactating dairy cows in the Autumn and winter milk them for you while we are collecting embryos from them. Embryos can either be implanted into our recipients or frozen to implant into your own cows in Spring. For this service we charge our standard fees plus $20 per week grazing.

All quoted prices are GST exclusive.

Additional costs to consider:

  • Mileage
  • 2 straws of semen per donor.
  • You may need to get your vet to check the donors and synchronise recipients for you.